What are the grant guidelines and what types of grants are given?

Any competitor that justifies need is eligible. Each case is then voted on by the Board. Grants often include scholarships for camps and programs, aiding in event and travel fees for venues beyond local competitions, and furthering educational opportunities for athletes, coaches, and program participants.

Grant/Entry Fee Information


The HMCF strongly believes in spending its money on the needs of member athletes and their education, as well as furthering their coach's education.

• Financial aid depends upon athlete membership and qualifying events. Qualifying for higher levels of competition merits more support. Grant amounts depend upon the number of athletes requests against available funds. The Foundation will tally athlete requests and divide available funds equitably among athletes seeking assistance.

• One must be a member of the Foundation to be eligible for grant monies. (please click the download Grant Application button on the left)

All member athletes are eligible for financial assistance to Hunter Mountain member athletes for entry fees beyond the local competition venue and toward other educational and competition venues.

•Entry fee reimbursement will be considered upon receipt of a Entry Fee Application 
for the following:

USSA Events beyond qualifier series:  Eastern Championships, National Championships, USSA Junior Olympics, FIS Junior Worlds

Freestyle skiing*: (Moguls, Dual Moguls, Inverted Aerials, TPA)
USSA Events beyond qualifier series: B's State Championships, A's & B's Divisional Eastern Championships, National qualifiers, National Junior Championships, National Championships,  FIS Junior World

Freeride*: (Slopestyle, Big Air, Half Pipe, Skier Cross, Jibbing)
USSA Events beyond qualifier series: *USASA National Championships, Pro Open, X Game Qualifier

Snowboard*: (Alpine racing, Freestyle)
USSA Events beyond qualifier series: USSA Alpine Championships, USSA Freestyle Championships, USSA Snowboard Finals
USASA Events beyond qualifier series: USASA National Championships, Pro Open, X Game Qualifier

Additional funding, on need basis, will also be considered upon Application. 

Flat grants are given to athletes that compete at the following levels: FIS Nor Am, World Cup/Europa Cup, World Championships, Olympics, Gravity Games, X Games.

Grant amounts are voted upon by the Board based on funds available.

• Deadline for grant requests: May 15.

• Expenses beyond entry fees may be applied for and reviewed by the Board. Decisions will be made based on monies available, athlete's merit and need.

• Grant applications asking over $500 are reviewed by the Hunter Mountain Racing Foundation Board of Directors. Lesser amounts will be determined by the Grant Committee.

• Grants will be awarded after the competitors complete the corresponding race series, camp, etc.

• Grants for camps will be awarded based on monies available and merit. Camp grant amounts will be voted on by the Board of Directors

* It is the policy of HMCF to not consider grants for children under the age of 11 due to intense competitive pressures and the likelihood of athlete burnout. Athletes over the age of 30 will not receive grants as the Board feels that the HMCF is in place to support developing athletes.


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